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In case you missed it!

Some new threads are in stock and will be making their debut on the site soon!

New fabric pieces!

Also, super excited about our handmade #stringart Gypsy Rose Threads sign! You can't see the "Threads" part yet, but it'll be thrown together soon. I also have a rad clay rose to add to the sign so it resembles the logo. It's incredible! Now I just have to get it fastened to the sign so it all stays in one piece.

Gypsy Rose Threads String Art Branding

Last but not least, inventory is building!

Bag Tags

It's pretty exciting to see these pieces all come together finally. Several of them are up in the store and ready to be shipped! Go get yourself one! You can always subscribe here to the blog to keep updated on new products as well as head over to Instagram and follow @GypsyRoseThreads and @FoxWoodProvisions!

See you soon!

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