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Using Your New Leather Wallet

So you just bought a new wallet from #TwoArrowsLeather and are wondering to yourself, "self, how in the heck am I going to fit all of my credit cards and cash into this tiny little slim wallet?" That's a great question, and one that I had myself even after sewing all these dang things (albeit beautiful dang things) together🤔

cards fit snugly in a black slim wallet

Turns out, there is a reason for creating these wallets to be extremely tight and (at first) seemingly difficult to fit any cards or cash into. Because leather stretches and wears as it ages, the slots will naturally stretch and form to your cards and whatever else you put into the wallet over time.

At first it might be difficult to fit even one card in each slot, but worry not! With a little patience and practice, your new slim wallet will hold up to 4-5 cards and a wad of cash comfortably (and snugly).

Before use, try stretching it out a little with your fingers...

stretch out the biggest slot of the slim wallet with your fingers

Play around with it a bit. You can pre-stretch and mold your wallet to accommodate your cards. Stuff several cards in each slot, even if you don't plan to keep them all in the wallet, and leave them in overnight.

When I played softball, every time I got a new glove, I went through a process similar to this. Folding and bending my glove, even running it over with my dad's car (not sure if this worked or it was just fun and became our thing to do) to soften it up, break it in, and prepare it for the next big game.

stretch out the angled slot of the wallet with your fingers

Keep in mind that the first few times you go to get a card out, it might take a minute (or five if you're me), but rest assured, it's the leather's natural tendency, and you can feel confident knowing that this 'toughness' feature makes these things virtually indestructible. Eventually with some wear, the wallet will mold to your cards and it will be easier to retrieve your items with each use.

Here is a shot of my slim wallet and how its aged and stretched over time.

Funny enough, earlier, while writing this post I didn't make the connection between my wallet and baseball gloves, but now in thinking about how my wallet performs, I realized that it literally fits these cards like a glove. Because it is already somewhat broken in, I can add a few more cards if I need to (or heck, even cash money if ya'll get shop happy) and it accommodates nicely.

see how the leather snugly wraps around the contents inside?

I'd love to see how your items wear over time! Tag #twoarrowsleather if you're on Instagram or send in your pictures to be featured on our social media feeds.

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