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On Blogging and Wallowing.

When I built my website, I figured I needed a blog. Every great, successful and frequently visited website has a blog, right? I imagined writing all these captivating blog posts about leather stuff and things and stitching and fabrics and everything else related to what I create and sell here. My blog would get media attention and take off. I'm all of a sudden flying to New York in the morning to meet with Katie Couric to discuss my preferred supplier of thread.

Way to let myself down, though, huh? I believe I've also let you down, my dear subscribers. Let me explain.

Turns out, trying to do and be everything is hard. I've got some pretty high expectations for myself (like hey, I dunno, let's start a business with no experience and nothing more than a never-ending obsession to design and create stuff because it's fun) and I suppose I just imagined that the content about the proper names and various ounces of leather that exist in the world would flow as easily as most things I write. Not. The. Case. Which is why I'm defaulting to "most things I write" as a sort of life raft, in an effort to let you know that hi👋 I'm still alive over here and I haven't forgotten about you or my purpose with this blog. Actually, I'm still figuring that out.

The thing is, I'm working on it. Okay, I lied. I'm thinking about it. And then I'll work on it!

I will be the first to admit that I'm hitting a bit of a learning curve. Aside from new product updates and the exciting news that I've (finally!) made it to my first show, I'm a little cloudy on what other kind of content you'd like to see in this space. Honestly, like what does someone who makes purses and pouches and leather accessories write about? Tutorials? Gift ideas and lists? I'm so much of a doer that sometimes I forget about the bigger picture and vision. Bear with me.

The truth is, as I stated before, multitasking is hard. I'm freakin' busy! Trying to be a successful crossfitter and part-time runner and head chef of the household is hard. Juggling a passion that, for practical reasons (at least for now), has to take a back seat to <finger quotes> priorities <end finger quotes> is even harderrrrr. If it weren't for this, jeeze. I don't even know what I would do with my hands most times. Not much else brings me so much uninterrupted creative freedom.

You see, I can't just do, like, one thing at a time. I have to start 15 things at a time, get half and three-quarters of the way through them and then look up, confused, and walk away for about a week before I can come back to anything and maybe finish. I've always been this way. Great qualities of a solopreneur these are not. One extreme to another. Oh, but by the way! You guys! I'm half and three-quarters of the way through adding a ton of new items to the site, including more handbags, zipper pouches (for the first time) and leather keyfobs! Yes!

Here's a tease.

Almost finished 😒

Cute, right? They fold up and fit in stockings too 😉, which is really more of a note to myself to get to work!

I guess what's kind of cool about this for you is learning that I obsess about every detail on my items. A stitch looks weird? You can bet I'm obsessing about and not happy with it, which means I'll have to re-do it. Yes, these items are handmade. Yes, I am a human not a robot machine who can knock out perfect lines in -3 seconds, BUT! The last thing I want to happen is you get something that is below your own standards. Luckily, from the feedback I've received, no one's expectations have exceeded mine so far (whew) and I've been adorned with nothing but positive and encouraging comments. In fact, free wallet to the first person who can even identify the weird looking stitch, because I bet you'll never even notice. I just get that crazy with quality control.

My 15 things that are 1/2 and 3/4 finished...

I give my everything in what I do, hope that translates in the goods I make, and ultimately hope you will be able to appreciate that in the items themselves. I'd love feedback from you on what you're looking for. Why did you sign up for the blog and what do you hope hits your inbox? My next phase of updates, aside from adding new products, is to recreate the "About" section. There is no "us" there is just "me." A wildly passionate, head household chef, part-time runner and wannabe crossfitter with a creative fire that doesn't ever burn out.

Thank you for subscribing to my blog and thank you for your support! If you're not already, be sure to follow me on Facebook for even less updates and blog posts...just kidding! We'll get there! Until that red eye to meet Mrs. Couric happens, I'll be here dutifully toiling away.

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